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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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have partly to mostly cloudy skies. more sun west, clouds east. at 5:00 after hitting 52, partly cloudy and 49. we are breezy. there's the rain. still some moderate showers. some heavier showers northern frederick county back into washington county. frederick up to hagerstown, emmittsburg and thurmont. in northern virginia and east and west virginia 340 toward berryville. winchester seeing the moderate showers from leesburg, south 15 to eastern prince william county, eastern fauquier county. showers in culpeper and to our east, we're looking at temperatures warmest near 50. only the low 40s north and west of town. bundle up. monika samtani with timesaver traffic. what a difference a day makes. at least right now i can see the volumes are still pretty light and traffic is looking good all around the beltway,
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including here on the bw parkway and route 50 through cheverly heading into the northeast corridor. all lanes are open of the all the anacostia river crossings are fine and no problems on the beltway south of town as you head for oxon hill. let's take a live look in the college park area. no issues as you head around the bend toward 95 and silver spring. 95 looks good from baltimore as well. let's take a look at the maps again on the gw parkway inside the beltway. 66 looks good as well. getting there the same as the dulles toll road. one last look at the american legion bridge which you're seeing the roads are wet but volumes are light. i'll be back with more at 5:10. >> thanks, monika. if you have an overnight medical emergency in the district, a fire truck could be pulling up to your door. >> that's because d.c.'s fire chief kenneth ellerbee is considering cutting many of the
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vehicles. >> reporter: the issue just isn't on land. it's also on the water. the d.c. fire department boat rescue fleet just isn't what it used to be. this is the john glenn. it is the biggest boat in that fleet. the department still uses it to patrol but given all the potential threats to homeland security, there are questions about just how effective this boat could be. that's because it's out there on the water but the communication system is broken. the radio can't transmit a distress call. also the coast guard documentation has expired. >> part of the communication system doesn't work. it appears the certification for the boat that should have been applied for back in august, the date was missed. >> reporter: so the question now whether to apply for grants to repair the boat. those repairs will cost about $700,000. the other option is to lobby capitol hill and to see if they can get some money to buy a new state of the art boat.
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there are a couple of options. we have to figure out and wait to see what comes of this. as you mentioned earlier, there are potential discussions of cutting the number of medics during the overnight hours. we'll have more on that story coming up at 5:30. pike and andrea, back to you. >> thank you. well, the top american commander in afghanistan is now implicated in the investigation that started with the c.i.a. director david petraeus resigning. citing defense department sources, cbs news is reporting general john allen may have engaged in inappropriate communications through e-mail with a woman named jill kelley, the florida woman who is said to have received threatening e- mails from paula broadwell. broadwell is the buying a geographer with whom petraeus was having an extramarital affair. broadwell's home was searched overnight.
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maryland state police have arrested a florida truck driver involved in a deadly crash in frederick county. 34-year-old watson tr pierre is -- watson pierre is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. it struck a pickup truck on route 75 near new partial. the two men inside -- new market. the two men inside the pickup died at the scene. some parents in the district could be getting some news they might not be so happy about soon. school chancellor henderson is talking about consolidating schools. she may be coming out with a list later today of the underpopulated schools which she could recommend for closure which would save the city some money. it is 5:04. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> wall street should be back in full swing today. we'll see what happens when the numbers come out. >> wasn't much of a barn burner yesterday. investors are looking ahead to some new economic news and earnings reports from the likes of cisco systems and home depot. to say the least, stocks finished mixed in light
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trading. the bond market was closed in honor of veterans day and there were no economic reports to speak of yesterday. checking the numbers, the dow and nasdaq each fell less than a point and the s&p 500 was up fractionally. a major management shake- up. the man thought to be heir apparent for the c.e.o. job is out. the announcement comes barely two weeks after launching the flagship windows 8 operating system. no reason at this time is being given for this departure. here's a way you can save some of your money and energy when you trade in the older nonworking holiday string lights. you have to head to the local home depot to do so. the home improvement store will give you a coupon toward the purchase of any energy efficient seasonal led string lights. you have to hurry, though. this program ends this wednesday, november 14. so at least you're getting a little money for those old lights. >> that is for the a bad thing. light us up in the next 30 minutes.
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>> what you need to know the next time you head to a used car dealership if you're looking for a car. >> thank you. >> sounds good. his antivirus programs may be on your computer but now the founder of mcphee is wanted -- mcafee is wanted for a very serious crime. ahead in sports, bryce harper is the latest nationals player to win a major post- season award. we'll tell you about that when we return.
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5:08 on this tuesday morning. a cold front came through late last night. this morning we're still dealing with the showers and effects of that cold front as temperatures in some areas are 30 degrees cooler than what we had for highs yesterday afternoon when we actually managed to get to 72. this morning give yourself some extra time. we have showers out there and we will for a few more hours. that's going to give probably a
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slowdown on the commute. by 11:00, most of those showers will be south and east of town. still mostly cloudy, 47. sun toward the shenandoah valley. the sun works its way toward us during the early afternoon. partly if not mostly sunny, breezy and chilly with a high of 52. 3:00 p.m. 50. for the drive home temp, we're going to be -- it would be 47 not 57. we are gog to see temperatures tonight in the 20s and 30s. i'll be back in a few minutes. we'll be looking at the rest of this cool week seven-day forecast. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. i'm happy to say we're still incident free. here on northbound i-95, all you're seeing is the volume increasing. i think a lot of people may get an early start to deal with the wet road conditions. other than that we're good along 395 as well to the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more at 5:16. here's what's making news now as we approach 5:10 this morning. police are investigating the discovery of five bodies inside an ohio garage they believe intentional carbon monoxide
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poisoning is the reason for the deaths. the dead, a woman in her 50s, her three grandchildren and a man who is the uncle of one of the children. there are reports the grandmother was fighting to keep primary custody of they are grandchildren. police in belize are searching for the founder of the mcafee software security company. his next-door neighbor was found shot to death a couple of days ago. police describe mcafee as a person of interest in the case. governor cuomo is planning to request $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild after super storm sandy. in new york city, michael bloomberg says the city has already spent $134 million on storm relief. it is a big deal. today vdot holds a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new express lanes. how will the lanes change the drive through tysons corner? that's coming up at 5:39. next at 5:15, howard looks at our chance for more rain in
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his seven-day forecast. we'll be back. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ 5:13. if you leave your home now it's going to be a little drizzly and damp and yucky feeling but things might brighten up later today. >> they will later on. some areas have bonified showers still going on this
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morning. we've got -- don't be surprised if the rain picks up. >> the leaves were a problem this morning. >> a lot of leaves have fallen down. slick streets. well above freezing and not even more slick than they will get later in the season. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. not the prettiest morning to be standing at the bus stop. brett is biking in again. he has a little one bundled up with him. the first day in the rain for his little one on the back of the bike. breezy and cold, showers. some windchills down in the 30s. we'll get rid of the rain later this morning. this afternoon we'll get into some sunshine. partly to mostly sunny. 50 degrees this afternoon with a high of 52. winds getting a little lighter, still 10 miles an hour at 6:00 with temperatures back in the upper 40s. so the front came through late last night. all of these showers behind it and touch of snow on the back side if a few areas.
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light to moderate showers here in d.c. the showers pick up as you get into western montgomery county, frederick here, urbana over toward tuscarora, route 15 through leesburg and down toward warrenton and approaching manassas on the west side of prince william, probably toward gainesville and haymarket seeing more. toward berryville and charles town, cabletown, those areas in west virginia seeing moderate showers. you can see when you get west now of 81, things start to lessen. that will be the trend over the morning but we're still dealing with moderate showers warrenton back to just north of culpeper now. in southern maryland, while we've got breaks here, this area is shifting east. i think you can expect a few more showers over the next several hours. winds are gusty, near 30 in town. but the wind gusts do die down out here to the west. this is with the front near 29 now at the patuxent river naval air station. they won't be as gusty later this morning. temperatures are cold. it's 43 in great falls.
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43 vienna. 46 at fort belvoir. upper marlboro is 48. got 50 downing in prince frederick from our weather watcher there. even out west in loudoun county, lots of lower 40s with the wind as well. so windchills in the 30s. outside on our michael & son weather camera, you can see a little bit of that reduced visibility with the clouds around, some showers in spots. north winds at 12 miles an hour. so our windchill 42. the humidity 83%. here's the front blasting through the region with the rain showers. we'll see it get out of here the next few hours. it's going to take the clouds with it as well. that might not happen till about lunch time. if anybody is lingering with some showers midday, it will be well south and east of us. the clouds may linger across southern maryland and the lower eastern shore but the chill is here and here to stay for the foreseeable future. no more 70s. yellow alert for the early showers. that will slow you down on the morning commute, 52. tonight 37. that's in d.c. 27 in the cold spots. 50 tomorrow but sunny.
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thursday 51. perhaps a couple of clouds mixing in. as we head toward the weekend, we're good friday and saturday, just cool. sunday and monday signs that a coastal storm could develop. it may be a cool, damp afternoon at fed ex field for the skins game. temperatures could be holding in the 40s. monika samtani, happy tuesday. happy tuesday. you know it really is a happy tuesday so far. fingers crossed. i've been making some phone calls to find out what's going on around town because really i don't have much on my board. that's a good thing. i confirmed that things are looking good on all of our major thoroughfares. gaithersburg down to rockville and bethesda on 270. 355 river road, great seneca highway, they all look good. if you're planning to head over to the american legion bridge, leaving 270 and heading south on the bridge span into tysons corner, you're going to be fine all the way towards 66 and springfield as well. let's go back over to the maps. this time all the way inside 395, 14th street bridge. that looks good. 66 at the roosevelt bridge, 295 at the 11th street bridge and
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pennsylvania avenue at the sousa bridge. let's take a live look at the 14th street bridge. a nice ride into the downtown area. this is the time to head out. i'll be back with more at 5:24. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. more hardware for bryce harper. why the nationals outfielder is being honored this time. >> plus, capitals coach adam oates is inducted into hockey's hall of fame. that's coming up in sports. >> the question of the daytime now before we go to break. what do most women say is their worst fashion prsh ever? is it -- fashion purchase ever? is it a, animal print shirts, b, leather pants, or c, leggings? >> brenda wrote b, leather pants so awful, you regret buying them after wearing them for more than five minutes. >> log on to our facebook fan page. we'd love to hear what you think. we'll have the answer in the 6:00 show. >> if your answer is the correct one on our facebook page, you'll be entered into a sweepstakes for four tickets to "les miserables." every day we'll randomly draw a man and that person will win
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four tickets to the musical. "les miserables" will be at the financial theater -- at the national theater next month. ah.
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fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. welcome back. 5:21. a lot colder. 25 to 30 degrees colder now than yesterday afternoon's high temperatures and wet to start the day. so give yourself extra time for that commute. we'll put the futurecast in motion. by 7:00 still raining here but starting to clear out of the
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shenandoah valley. moving forward to noon, west of town seeing sunshine with showers lingering south and east. by the afternoon we're all going to clear out. this was 10:00, excuse me. noon hour 48. here comes increasing sunshine as we head through the afternoon. not much recovery. upper 40s to low 50s. bundle up. mike and andrea? >> good advice. thanks, howard. maryland tries to bounce back from losing to one of the top teams in the country. >> yet another big post-season award for the nationals. kristen berset has details in your morning sports. good morning, everybody. bryce harper burst into the major league baseball scene adding another level of excitement that became a very memorable year for the nappings. it was no surprise he was nominated for national league rookie of the year but he had stiff competition for the award. the race was extremely close but he won out. last night it was announced he beat arizona pitcher wade miley by a narrow seven points to become the first national to
5:23 am
get the award since the franchise came to d.c. harper says he's proud of the honor but he's got plenty more to prove. >> i'm never satisfied with any of my numbers. i think my biggest goal is winning the world series. this is amazing to win this award and to have this accolade but i want to bring the title back to d.c. that's our main goal as a team, as an organization. >> former washington capitol and -- capital and now their new head coach adam oates was inducted into the hockey hall of fame last night. he's phone for his enselfish play. he was one of the elite setup men ranking sixth on the assist list. he used last night's acceptance speech to thank his biggest supporters. the maryland terrapins were at home last night coming off their close loss to kentucky. first half, eight points for wells. early in the second, howard with the pen station dishes to
5:24 am
-- penetration dishes to the acc player of the week. howard again with a nice dish. terps win big 67-45. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great tuesday. d.c.'s fire chief proposes cuts to overnight ambulance service. more on that story next. >> plus, the investigation surrounding the david petraeus respect nation expands to include the top american commander in afghanistan. 5:24. here's monika. >> if you're planning to head to the american legion bridge on the west side of town, volumes are increasing now leaving 270 and heading south into tysons corner. lanes are open all along the beltway. i'll be back with more details coming up at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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good morning. happy tuesday. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, monika samtani. you'll need a coat. >> and a sweater. >> and smaib some sleeves -- and maybe some sleeves. >> you can't find dresses with sleeves. that's very hard. >> thank you, andrea. >> i'm sticking up for my girl. moving right along. get a twin set. we have a chilly day. cold air has returned. no more 60s and 70s. we'll likely get back to the low 50s this afternoon. here's your day planner. get ready for a wet start although in a few hours things will start to wind down. by lunch time we should start seeing some sunshine moving in, especially west of town. that could be even more than what i'm depicting there. partly to most si yuny -- mostly sunny this afternoon. the breeze is going to be especially strong this morning. behind that front. you see the rains lifting north. the back edge is almost,
5:29 am
neighbor another half-hour or so to i-81. then we'll start to see them clearing out a little bit later on this morning. but just north and west-of-d.c. -- west of d.c. moderate showers. up toward clarksburg and into urbana and frederick. almost to mt. airy headed to areas like westminster. and it frederick and hagueerstown, a slow ride up 70. western loudoun county back toward areas toward berryville and route 17 coming down into warrenton now we're seeing moderate rain showers. you get south of culpeper, things are starting to break up a little bit. in southern maryland we're breaking up as well. so pockets of light stuff and pockets of moderate stuff but certainly much colder. most temps now in the 40s. over to monika samtani, 5:2-9d. it has -- 5:29. it has been knock on wood a good tuesday so far. been making some phone calls to make sure we're all on the same page. everyone is telling me the lanes are help on all the major -- are open on all the major
5:30 am
thoroughfares. you just have the volume increasing which is to be expected at 5:30 in the morning especially coming up from triangle and dale city cord woodbridge -- city toward woodbridge. let's show what you it looks like on 395 at duke street. again no brake lights yet but again just the volume increasing with those wet roads heading up to the4th street bridge. let's go back over to the maps this time heading to the other side of town. southern maryland. route 4, route 5, route 301, 210 from accokeek to oxon hill and across the wilson bridge we're doing just fine this morning. we'll take a live look in college park on the outer loop. beginning to bunch up just a bit around new hampshire avenue but that's about it right now. i'll be back with more at 5:39. this morning the pentagon is investigating america's top general in afghanistan. >> and it's connected to david petraeus' resignation as the head of the c.i.a. general john allen succeeded petraeus as the head of the international coalition in afghanistan. a defense official says the
5:31 am
investigation centers on possibly inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley. kelley is the florida woman who alerted the f.b.i. about threatening e-mails she got. >> if you know my ser, like i said -- my sister, like i said she's a dedicated mother and dedicated wife. >> it's believed the e-mails kelley felt threatened came from broadwell. broadwell is the woman who wrote the biographer about petraeus who became involved in an extramarital affair. john allen denies he's done anything wrong and remains in command. the biggest of the three rescue boats in the d.c. fire department's fleet is in need of massive repairs. the john glenn is 50 years old. thanks to a missed application deadline, its coast guard application has expired. it needs $700,000 worth of
5:32 am
repairs, including to its communication system. 9news reporter preeti arla is outside d.c. headquarters with more on another department issue concerning emergency medical services. what is this about? >> reporter: andrea, the fire chief is proposing cutting down the number of medic units working during the overnight hours. there are a lot of questions about this move. will this result in longer wait times? will you have access to the same critical equipment if that move goes through. medic units have paramedics in them. paramedics have a higher level of training than emts. the fire chief ellerbee wants to move life support blarnses from the overnight hours and have that personnel work during the day. when we say overnight hours, we're talking about this time frame right now from around 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. the rationale behind this, there are twice as many calls an hour during the day as opposed to the overnight hours, but the chief says residents shouldn't be worried about it having an impact on their
5:33 am
safety. >> there's no anticipation you'll have any extended wait time. expect the wait time to be pretty much the same. we know we have approximately ten calls per hour during that time. >> reporter: but the chief says that he wants to talk to the stakeholders here, the community, the city council, union leaders all to get their take on this. of course the city council will have to approve this before this moves forward. back to you. >> thank you. opening statements are expected this morning in the murder trial of a bowie state university student. the defendant alexis simpson is accused of killing her roommate mom sneak phrase -- dominique frazier in september 2011. the two women had a disagreement over music on an ipod and a physical altercation. the man who police named the east coast rapist is expected to plead guilty today in a virginia courtroom.
5:34 am
aaron thomas is accused of attacking more than a dozen women from virginia all the way to connecticut. today he's expected to admit to a couple of attacks in northern virginia, including an assault on a couple of teenagers on halloween while they were out trick or treating. in an earlier case in loudoun county a woman was raped inside her apartment. we'll find out later today whether former d.c. council chair kwame brown will have to serve any jail time. in june he pleaded guilty in federal court to lying on loan applications. in d.c. superior court, he admitted to a misdemeanor campaign finance violation. prosecutors are only asking brown spend six days in jail for bank fraud. then three years on probation but brown's attorney said his client has suffered enough and shouldn't serve any jail time. it is 5:34. if you're just waking up, good morning. time for the latest your money report. >> jessica is back and it could cost you more to buy a new set of wheels. >> that's right. definitely something you need to know about before you head to the used car lots want we're talking about is used car buyers could be paying more
5:35 am
because of sandy. prices are expected to jump as much as $1,000 per vehicle across the country in the wake of the superstorm. our partners after "u.s.a. today" report that up to 250,000 cars were lost due to flooding and other problems. now of course they need to be replaced. before the storm prices had been drifting lower so that's a good thing. sandy also affected car supplies with toyota losing up to 4,000 new vehicles awaiting shipments to dealers and ford losing 8 hundred. investors will be watching shares of jcpenney today. they were down nearly 13% alone yesterday, the biggest percentage drop among the big companies in the s&p 500. s&p ratings moved to lower jcpenney's credit rating deeper into junk status on friday. that day the company reported its third conl secretive quarter -- consecutive quarter of big losses in sales declines. penny's decided earlier this year to get rid of hundreds of coupons and sales in favor of predictable prices but so far
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that strategy has for the led to higher sales. if you're working thanksgiving like we are here, we all have a lot of company and hopefully you're going to make some more money. a bloomberg/bna study says 36% of employers impose holiday shifts on at least some workers. 50% will pay overtime. 24% will give employees a thanksgiving gift and 22% will pay double time to shift workers. all sounds good to me. i'll take a gift. daily deals coming up in just a minute. she'll be back with that. >> okay. still ahead, they're behind bars but these maryland inmates will be helping some veterans recover from their war wounds. we'll have that story when we return.
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welcome back. 5:39. cool and damp. a light rain, heavy drizzle sort of falling here in d.c. northwest. some areas have moderate showers. some areas just cloudy right now. we'll have the showers around for several more hours. improving conditions but not that warm today. by lunch time partly sunny to mostly cloudy. by afternoon we should be partly to mostly sunny. high 52. winds north west 10 to 20 miles an hour. a chilly seven-day forecast coming up in five minutes. right now let's check in with monika samtani and find out about your tuesday morning commute. not too bad other than wet road conditions on the northbound side of 395. here's what it looks like trying to get to the 14th street bridge. you have the volume at duke street but that's about it right now up to the bridge span. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:47. >> thank you, monika. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails
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and retailer websites to find you deep discounts. here of some of my favorites -- here are some of my favorites. a way to undo the damage at the thanksgiving table. gilt city is offering the joulebody cleanse. these are organic juices delivered to your door to help you drop some pounds. there are two three-day programs available for $105 and $159 saving you 40% off. here's a holiday gift idea for the chef in your life. amazon is selling a ten-piece stainless steel set for 67% off for $132.99 and it ships for free with super saver shipping. google offers has this deal. pay just $29 and you'll get 40 bucks to spend on personalized ornaments, stockings and gifts. this deal is through personalization mall. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on
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facebook. i will send you over to the lovely andrea and mike. >> sounds good. thank you. now another look at the question of the day this morning. what do women say is their worst fashion prsh ever? -- purchase ever? a, animal prints, b leather pants, or c, leggings. >> this was posted by lynette who wrote b. sweating in leather pants is a bad thing. >> i never understood that log on to our facebook fan page. if you answer correctly on our facebook page, you'll be entered into a sweepstakes for four tickets to "les miserables." every day we'll randomly draw a name and you'll get four tickets to the show. it's at national theater next month. here's a question. how much are you willing to pay for a quicker trip through tysons corner? we'll have more on that coming up. >> plus, maryland officials consider expanding a prison
5:42 am
program that's giving inmate as chance to help wounded veterans. >> it is november 13. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. he frequently comes here to d.c. to host events for veterans. criminal minds actor joe mantegna is 65. mr. big from sex in the city actor chris noth is 58. whoopi goldberg is 57 today. jimmy kimmel is 45. actor gerard butler is 43. and a very special happy birthday to 9news technician danielle. if it's your birthday, have a great day. we'll be back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:45. you need an umbrella. you need a raincoat and maybe a sweater later on today. >> maybe right now. >> temperatures are dropping. >> still in the 40s. >> i hate cold rain.
5:46 am
i have to be honest about that. what we've got going on right now, it's cold, damp and cuts right through you. i'm happy to be inside right now and not on the weather terrace. the next few hours we'll have the cold rain around. as we get later this morning into the afternoon, more sunshine will work its way toward us but we're not going to be in the 60s and 70s. we'll be in the upper 40s to low 50s. in fact, this morning we're in the 40s with quite a few showers around. if it's not raining, you probably got a little drizzle in spots too. some of the wind chills north and west of town especially have fallen into the 30s with gusts still in the 25 mile an hour range. we'll see the showers this morning 8:00 48. by noon 48 but we should see partly sunny skies west. cloudy east. we'll be kind of in between here in the district. north winds still at about 12 gusting close to 20. by 4:00 50 degrees with northwesterly winds at 8. high today about 52. then this evening we're back in the mid-40s by 8:00. we'll be in the mid-30s in d.c. tomorrow morning. smuper 20s -- some upper 20s
5:47 am
north and west. you can see a sliver of snow on the back side in pennsylvania that are coming through. the back edge trying to get toward i-81. as you get south of 64, we're seeing not as solid an area of rain but north and west of d.c. especially now coming in toward fairfax, tysons, mclean here but up into montgomery county and howard counties in toward westminster and caroll county seeing some of that moderate rain. that extends outward into frederick county. once you get into washington county, things do lighten up some down route 15 from frederick right through there, point of rocks, leesburg, lovettsville. those areas are seeing the moderate showers. you get south of 66 and you'll notice we don't see as much in the way of yellows. the rain showers get more sporadic and lighter. that's been the case most of the morning across areas south and east of town. one report out of catlett in fauquier county. half an inch of rain from last night into this morning. temps this morning are still mild but look at 62 at wallops island. the front is almost there but 28 in oakland. 39 cumberland with low 40s
5:48 am
winchester and hagerstown. when you factor in the winds, we have windchills now mid- to upper 30s. this is what you'll be feeling this morning as you're going out to the car, the bus stop or wherever. give yourself some extra time. outside on the weather camera, some reduced visibility. drizzle. 47. but it feels like 42 with a north wind at 12 which is gusting close to 28 miles an hour this past hour. we're looking at areas of rain this morning moving off toward the east. behind it sunshine. that's what's going to work its way. clearing skies. sunshine later on. our futurecast shows by lunch time some showers south and east of town. we'll get the sunshine this afternoon although again south and east those clouds may linger just a little bit longer. here's your forecast. 52 today, the early showers. the afternoon sun. rain could slow your morning commute. tonight 35. tomorrow 50. a chilly day but sunny day. thursday chilly and 51. friday and saturday look good.
5:49 am
so you've got weekend plans, get them in on saturday. there are sign as coastal storm may develop. if that happens rainy and raw sunday and monday with temps in the 40s. let's check in with monika with timesaver traffic. good morning. if you're planning to head around town, yes, you're going to see a lot of volume forming right now but no major issues i'm happy to say. on the inbound side of i-66 for example, you've got it in from centreville toward route 50 and a little bit right here approaching the beltway. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like. first of all on 270 southbound heading from 109 to 121, look at that. already forming all the way down the line toward clarksburg and then in germantown just a bit as well before you head to the point where the lanes divide. that's where the pace improves. back over to the maps this time to the north side of the beltway where traffic is moving well. no issues from college park into silver spring. looking good in bethesda as well. no issues on 95 in from baltimore, the bw parkway and route 50 look good through
5:50 am
cheverly. if you're planning to head in from southern maryland looking good as well. let's take a live look here on 66 again at blake lane. that's where you're going to find just a few brake lights as you head for the beltway. otherwise lanes are open heading for the roosevelt bridge. i'll be back at 6:00 with more. in the meantime in this morning's extra mile report, today virginia officials will cut the ribbon for the 495 express lanes project. this will be the ceremonial opening for the new lanes. a rolling message truck is helping commuters count down the days until the lanes open for real this time. the lanes are intended to improve traffic flow on the beltway from springfield through tysons corner to the dulles access road. >> i work two miles away from my condo here in tysons. sometimes i can take over 20 minutes to get two miles which is nuts. >> it is nuts. anyone with an e-zpass or smarttag will be able to use the new express lanes but the tolerates will vary depending
5:51 am
on how crowded the road is. if you carry three or more people in your car, you can use the express lanes for free but you have to buy a flex pass. i have it in my hand. remember to turn it on before getting in the express lanes. i'm showing this to you. be aware this is what will get you on the express lanes for free. >> a lot of people already have e-zpass devices but you need the switch. >> this is what you need to go on for free. otherwise you use the regular ez-pass. maryland reports one person has been killed and others injured this morning in kabul, afghanistan. it's one of the stories making news at 5:51. one of the three rockets fired landed near the afghan intelligence agency. today marks the 11th anniversary of the taliban's withdrawal from the capital city. closing arguments are expect dad in the preliminary hearing for staff sergeant
5:52 am
robert bales, the u.s. soldier charged with killing 16 afghan civilians last march. the hearing will determine whether or not the military proceeds with a full blown court marshal. a conviction could lead to the death penalty. it's a memorial that almost wasn't built. it's black granite wall carved with more than 58,000 names of american troops who died fighting in vote familiar -- vietnam and southeast asia. today marks 30 years since the memorial was established. three million people visit the memorial every year. some veterans who got in trouble in maryland are now helping fellow service men and women. >> a first of its kind program is using inmates to help assist those wounded in combat in iraq and afghanistan. matt jablow reports from hagerstown, maryland. >> reporter: terry dorsey says of all the difficult things about raising young dogs. >> you never know what they're going to get into. >> reporter: one of the most difficult for him is putting them in their crates at night.
5:53 am
>> being locked up, i know that feeling. they haven't even done anything, you know. >> reporter: that's because after about ten years at the hagerstown correctional institution, dorsey says he wouldn't wish a life behind bars on his worst enemy much less his new best friend. >> no matter what happened through the day, you can go to:and he's going to be the same. >> reporter: terry dorsey is one about a dozen inmates at the hagerstown prison taking part in a brand new program. >> easy. good girl. >> reporter: that uses inmates who are veterans. >> i was a combat engineer. >> i was a hospital corpsman. >> it's a strange thing to wake up in a penal facility to hear a dog barking glndz a train service dogs that after about a year will be given to wounded veterans who return home from iraq and afghanistan. >> it's an opportunity for me as a veteran to help them. >> reporter: right now inmates at three maryland prisons are training a total of seven service dogs. four of them here at
5:54 am
hagerstown. by january another seven puppies are expected to be added to the program which is believed to be the first of its kind in the entire country. >> the best thing i've seen come down the road. >> reporter: lieutenant robert shoe maker who returns the program in hagerstown calls it the most remarkable program he's seen during his 31 years working in the prison system. >> i'm just glad to be a part of it. >> reporter: a program by all accounts benefiting everybody and every puppy involved. >> it's an opportunity for him to grow and for me to grow with him. >> reporter: as a result, the maryland department of public safety will likely expand the program to many more prisons throughout the state over the next several years. >> one of them told me the other day, lieutenant, i've been locked up since i was 18. i never had children but i know what it's like to have a child now. >> reporter: in hagerstown, matt jablow, 9news now. >> matt adds all the dogs in the program are donated by the
5:55 am
organization america's vet dogs. local veterinarians donate their services to take care of the animals. 5:55 now. the top commander if afghanistan is now linked to the david petraeus scandal. we'll tell you how coming up. >> plus, if your cubical mate at the office is a gamer, find out why you might not see them at work today. we'll be right back.
5:56 am
5:57 am
he wasn't there to perform but georgetown students did get to see bono last night.
5:58 am
the singer is also an activist for several causes. bank of america's c.e.o. introduced bono at a discussion on certainly enterprise. the singer talked about how social movements can create real change. women, chances are there will be -- well, chances are there will be fake sick calls to your office today and it's expected to happen around the country. it will be from some of the first gametories get their hands on the new individual -- gamers to get their hands on the new game, one of the most anticipated games of the year. it went on sale add midnight. -- at midnight. >> i'm going to be one of the first people to play. i don't care about buying the game. i'm lying. i want the game. i'm going to get it. >> i preordered it two weeks ago. >> the graphics are good, zombies now, got to get them, man. >> reporter: going to be hard to go to work tomorrow?
5:59 am
>>it's going to be hard. >> if you're not a gamer like i'm not, all you have to do is read one article about this thing, it takes so much money, it's ridiculous. whether they show up for work or not, they're definitely going to spend as many hours as they can playing the game. as many as one in four gamers plan to call out sick just to play call of duty. >> recruiters are to set up shop next to these stores. then you get to do it for real. speaking of highly anticipated, fans who started camping out last week screamed for the stars of the twilight series last night in los angeles. the fifth and final film in the series breaking dawn part two opens in theaters this trip. the l.a. premiere featured a black carpet and from l.a. the stars including robert patterson and kristin stuart will fly to europe for premiers in london and madrid. >> got to be better than part one. >> i haven't seen


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